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Once more, with pictures

What they looked like and why I thought they should be transplanted. (See how weirdly sunny it was? Like a Hollywood "spring day" cliche.)

They look sort of small in those big gallon/half gallon pots.

The roots did air prune, just like they were supposed to. I think the mold is a bonus effect.

All lined up. San Marzano in the big pots, Roma in the yogurt containers. Extra ones got jammed in "community pots" when I ran out of individuals.

And then it was time to start all over again, with peppers.

These took a few more tries to get the appropriate ice creamy shapes.

And then I found the sunniest spot of the day to put them. I hoped that putting them on a board would prevent hitchikers from wiggling in the drainage holes.

Turns out they don't fit all that well under the lights, and today I put them out to spend some happy time in the rain. It's going to be in the high 40s tonight, but I'm tempted to leave them out there because, first off, it's dark already…

Rain is General . . .

. . . all over my town.

Last night I fell asleep with the last paragraph of "The Dead" in my head, to the sound of continuing rain. Even though I know of at least three places in my house that aren't dealing well with it (not the roof, thank goodness) I'm delighted to see and hear and, yes, feel it.

What you aren't going to be able to see are all the pictures I took of me carefully transplanting paste tomatoes from their soil "blocks" to big pots, using lots of new potting soil. As the day I was doing it had air as soft as a baby's bottom, I felt foolish -- shouldn't I just be popping them in the ground? The next night, I had my answer. The temperature dropped back into the forties, and then the skies opened. I had taken careful pictures, but the camera was loaded with videos of my kids doing something they probably shouldn't, and it took too long to download. Then I mislaid the camera and it hasn't shown up again. Yes, I live in a house w…