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Collateral Damage

The honey harvest has begun here -- which is terrific, as far as my plans for honey sales goes. In years past, I have struggled with different approaches toward rendering the honey boxes bee-free enough to handle. I tried little bee escapes that fit in the hive covers, smelly almond extract on a fume board, and this year I'd seriously considered using the exit port on the shop vac as a bee blower.

Then I went to visit my friends' new (and utterly jaw-droppingly cool) urban farm store, Pollinate Farm & Garden. It's great fun, and I got to play Mad Gardening Scientist and mix up my own fertilizer, buy plastic refrigerator lids to replace the two-part ones on open jars of jam, and then I found it. A new bee escape board! I'd never seen any like this, and for $16, it seemed like worth a try. I put it on my first hive on Sunday.

In 24 hours, the first three honey boxes were almost completely clear of bees. A $4 butterfly net from the hardware store took care of any stragg…

Harvest Monday for real

Almost all of dinner's vegetable mass is from the garden. Three kinds of kale (thanks, Michelle, the Lark's Tongue is doing well), a few beets and carrots from the front bed. As an aside, the neighbors
are not partaking enough of that bed. Better enlarge the sign.

I probably could have found enough potatoes to make mashed potatoes for tonight, too, if I had remembered. At any rate, we're eating and I'm cleaning out that front bed.

You can see many more harvest posts at Daphne's Dandelions today (and every Monday).

Harvest Monday on Sunday

This is the "I go away for the weekend and what?" version.

Thirteen eggs (no one is checking in my absence), the first ripe Katy apricot, and what turned into a couple of pints' worth of pickled yellow wax beans.

Apparently it really is summer.