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The Record Shows I took The Blows

By now, half the civilized world has seen the Gatorade ad celebrating the career of Derek Jeter.  And I must admit, it brought a tear or two to my eyes as well.  A classy guy who was born two years after I graduated high school, who makes 12 million a year playing baseball ans another $18-20 million a year in endorsements is retiring. But what brought a tear to my eye wasn't that ad, or his retirement.

It's that he dates women half his age.  Which makes the men MY age who think they are as classy as he is, want to date women half THEIR age.

I mean, come on Derek.  You've been linked to some of the hottest women in the world.But why, as you get older, does every one of them get younger, up to your newest gal pal Hannah Davis?  I mean, she was potty training when you went to your prom! How can you relate to this woman when you want to relive your World Series memories and she was in first through fifth grades? When you think about New York following 9/11 and how baseball and …