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Sittin In The Morning Sun, I'll Be Sittin When The Evening Comes

Back when the kids were in grade school, we took one of our very infrequent spring vacations to Florida.  Wingman was in charge of gassing up the car (yes, we drove) and packing his own suitcase.  I was responsible for packing: clothes for three boys, a cooler with lunches and snacks for the road, activities to keep them occupied so they didn't annoy us or kill each other, getting the homework assignments that they would miss and packing school supplies, ordering tickets for theme parks and coordinate travel plans with in-laws who would be meeting us there.

Did I mention packing for myself as well?

Everything went great until we arrived and I found that I had over-packed for everyone but had forgotten a key item for me for the water parks-my own bathing suit.  It was in an Orlando Jordan Marsh department store that I found a fabulous suit: a solid black one piece tank, with a low back, good bra support and a somewhat motherly yet sexy (to me at least) sheer illusion stripe at the wa…